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Multi-Media for Leveraging Time

Do you ever have clients asking the same questions over and over again? Do they want their information directly from and immediately rather than waiting or having a team member assist them? Perhaps they just [...]

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Sales Funnels in Marketing Estate Planning

What is a sales funnel and why is that important to estate planning? Find out what process you should develop to find prospective clients, educate them prior to their first consultation, and how to engage [...]

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What Makes an A+ Client?

Finding your perfect client can be challenging.  Push-back and resistance almost seem like part of the job when you're accepting all business that walks in your door. Craig Hersch and Patrick Carlson discuss their take [...]

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Finding Right Fit Team Members

Even small and solo practitioners need some help. Practicing with a qualified team of professionals that fully support you and your business can be an obstacle for many of today's estate planning attorneys. They face [...]

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Attorney Misconceptions of Advertising

What are the biggest misconceptions about advertising among estate planning attorneys? Does it work? Is it a waste of time and money? What's the difference between marketing and sales? How do you distinguish yourself when [...]

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Pre-Disposed, Pre-Interested, Pre-Motivated, Pre-Qualified

Filtering your clients is no easy task.  How do you get clients in the door that you know are ready for your services and aren't just tire kickers or attorney shopping? Using renowned marketing expert [...]

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The Biggest Challenges for Small Firms

Today’s small and solo estate planning practices face the challenges of commoditization, automated online document preparation, and how to distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Practice Development Experts Craig R. Hersch and Patrick Carlson [...]

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